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Revitalizing Tri-ComplexYou cannot change the nature of hair, but you can control and improve its texture and structure with wunderbar haircare

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From straight and smooth or fine and coarse to wavy, curly or frizzy, hair comes in many different textures and diverse density. To help you manage these different hair types, Wunderbar has created an exclusive range of professional products, divided into five care lines. All Wunderbar hair care products have been formulated with a unique Revitalizing Tri-Complex.

Depending on the respective functionality, each of the five care lines offers three supporting actions thanks to special active ingredients.

All the Wunderbar professional care products include the rare, luxurious argan oil, which is naturally rich in vitamin E plus omega 6 to help nourish and protect hair from external damaging influences, and effectively fight ageing. In combination with other natural active ingredients, Wunderbar care products deliver a superior all-round care performance and enable you to create, healthy and revitalized hair styles. What's more, all Wunderbar professional care products respect the natural pH level balance of the scalp.

Product overview
50, 250 or 1000 ml
50, 250 or 1000 ml
250 ml
50 or 200 ml
200 ml
COLOR PROTECTION Color Protection Color Protection Color Protection
COLOR PROTECTION SILVER Color Protection Silver Color Protection Silver
REPAIR Repair Repair Repair
VOLUME Volume Volume Volume
MOISTURE Moisture Moisture Moisture
SMOOTH'N SHINE Smooth'N Shine Smooth'N Shine